Copenhagen, Denmark

Steps to Reducing Ransomware Risk in a Cloud-First World

In 2021, a debilitating ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline's IT systems caused both a physical response "the shutdown of the pipeline" and a hefty financial one, with the company paying more than $4 million ransom to restore data. After other high-profile attacks and a government emphasis on mitigation, it became apparent that ransomware is indeed a global security concern that can cut through every area of an enterprise. 

Although there have been periods of relative calm, ransomware is poised to strike equally as hard throughout 2022. Security teams must remain vigilant patching known exploited vulnerabilities, bolstering detection and response capabilities, implementing and practicing incident response plans and ensuring that the enterprise is as equipped as possible to limit any and all data exfiltration.

Join Lookout for a moderated discussion that will draw from the experience of the attendees, offering insights on the safeguarding of corporate data access, the prevention of mass data loss, and the overall trajectory of crypto-locking attacks



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